Serving Naples, Florida and surrounding areas!   Please Contact Us:  239-634-2180 or
Standard Daily Visit Rates*
(standard visits consist of 1, 2 or 3 visits a day - multiple visits subject to availability)
N Naples, S Bonita Springs rate: $20-$25 per visit for half an hour / $30 for an hour
E Naples, S Naples, Golden Gate Estates, N Bonita Springs: $25 - $30 per visit
Port Royal and Estero: $30 - $40 a visit
Overnight Rates** (deposit required to book)
N Naples: $60 - $70 a night
Bonita Springs, E Naples, S Naples: $70 a night (CCC does not offer overnight stays in Golden Gate Estates)
Port Royal and Estero: $80 - $100 a night
*Rates are normally dependant on distance, however CCC reserves the right to adjust them based on what each individual job requires
**Overnight stays consist of an evening visit, overnight stay and morning visit.  Additional mid day visits are as stated above:  $20 - $25 / $30 for N Naples / S Bonita, $25 - $30 for E / S Naples / N Bonita and $30 - $40 for Estero / Port Royal
Additionally, CCC now offers specialized extended stays for those pets that need extra time and attention, are crated, have seperation anxiety, or are not used to being left alone for more than a few hours. 
Overnight and extended stays are subject to availibility and schedule of the petsitter and usually cannot be accommodated during busy times and holiday dates. 
Small Doggie Daycare / Boarding
Per day daycare rate: $30 - $40 depending on pet requirements
Half day daycare rate: $20 - $25
Overnight boarding: $50 - $60 per day (deposit required to book)
If your little dog enjoys the company of other small dogs, and would benefit from more one on one time, doggie daycare / overnight boarding is the most cost effective way to go.  Take advantage of it today and call to set a meet and greet!  We offer complimentary nail trims.
Special Requests:
Transport fees (N Naples): $20, outside transort area: $25-$30
Baths (our home or yours) - small dogs / cats: $25, large dogs: $35
Discounts are available to regular clients and those who refer friends or family.  References are available - visit Angie's List to see our A+ rating! Since Christina is very involved in animal rescue, a portion of the income she generates from petsitting she donates to animals in need.  She got involved in petsitting through animal rescue, and knows how many unwanted animals are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups each year.  She is an advocate of adoption and it is very important that she always give something back to those animals she knows need help.   
For your convenience, we are now accepting Paypal.  Please contact us for more information if you wish to pay your invoice online with Paypal.
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