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About Us
Christina's Critter Care is an in home petsitting service that provides care for pets in the comfort of their own home.  Now also offering doggie daycare and in (our) home doggie boarding!
Christina and her sister Stephanie are both involved in the care of your critters.  We offer cat visits, dog visits and overnight care, as well as daily dog walks and transport.  The sisters serve as back ups for each other, thus ensuring your pet gets the most attention and best care possible. 
Services include feeding, walking, playing, scooping litter and also such extras as checking mail, watering plants and home watch.  CCC also provides daily dog walking for people who need an extra hand while they are in town on vacation or working long days.   
Depending on distance and what your pet requires, CCC offers one, two, three, even four trips daily, based on availability.  Christina also spends the night with your babies, if they so require, and based on her availability (we get very busy, especially during the holidays).  
It is very important to Christina that she be fair and reasonable when pricing her services.  She especially enjoys sitting for rescued animals and people who have alot of animals. 
Most rescued pets have spent the majority of their lives in a shelter enviornment.  It is very important these pets have a stable place to stay where they can feel safe while their owners are away.  It is hard enough for a rescue animal to understand why their family is leaving; by allowing the animal to stay in their own enviornment and having a petsitter come in, you can provide that animal with the security they want and need.  
Christina also knows how difficult and expensive it can be to find a place for multiple pet families.  For this reason, pricing is normally based on distance and not the number of animals.  Visit the rates page for detailed rate info.
Ceci and Stella - Christina's very first rescues and fosters
Christina is an experienced licensed insured and bonded professional and has been in the pet care industry for 10 years.  She got started through her work in animal rescue and is above all an animal lover. 
She moved to Florida 15 years ago with her rescued dogs, and shortly after got involved in animal rescue.  She has volunteered with a few rescues in Naples since moving, and subsequently started petsitting about 10 years ago. 
She petsat mostly for friends and neighbors, then started sitting for adopters and through referrals.  The main reason Christina started in home petsitting is because she knows how hard it is to leave your pets when going out of town.  She also knows how stressful it is for people to put their beloved pet in a boarding facility.  It's stressful on the owners, and it's especially stressful on the animals.
Stress not only makes for an unhappy pet, it also can cause illness.  When pets are stressed, their immune system lowers, and that leaves them susceptible to illnesses and parasites such as kennel cough, fleas, ticks, giardia, and coccidia.  
These and many other ailments can be caused by keeping an animal in such tight quarters with other, stranger animals.  Christina's clients always tell her how much happier their pet is when they get to stay in their own home and have a petsitter come in to take care of them versus being boarded in a kennel.

Christina sits in Naples and Bonita.  She is always in town, so short notice is fine and she tries to accomodate everyone.  Please try to book early during major holidays and if you require overnight care, as we do book up quickly.  
Christina continues to volunteer her time to rescue.  Visit her links page for info on how and were do adopt a pet.  Please DON'T SHOP, ADOPT!
For your convenience, we are now accepting Paypal.  Please contact us for more information if you wish to pay your invoice online with Paypal.
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